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About XcelTax

The forms have a simple interface and mimic closely the actual paper return.
Just enter the client’s details and XcelTax will automatically calculate everything else, including tax credits and rebates.

XcelTax uses the data you supply to automatically & instantaneously do the complex income tax calculations required by the IRD. You just collect up your data and type it into XcelTax.

We include free support via e-mail with your XcelTax purchase.
So even if this is the first time you have completed your own income tax return, you can be confident to do it right.

If you have the Microsoft Excel 97 or later Spreadsheet program you can be using XcelTax within a few seconds after you receive it.

XcelTax is easy to operate. Spreadsheet cells are colour coded by what is in them. You enter your data into the white cells. If you know how to key data into a spreadsheet, you already know how to use XcelTax.

It comes with great help features and has many ways to try to ensure that your returns are accurate. Every question on the forms has a handy pop-up comment to guide and prompt you as you go, preventing entry of data into wrong cells.

XcelTax is robust. Cells containing calculations and fixed data are locked to prevent accidental change. You can enter your data into Xceltax in any order that you choose. And the program does not become confused with the various permutations of "what if" scenarios, which otherwise could cause you to start over.

XcelTax updates all the calculations as you go. Before viewing or printing the final schedules, you simply click on an update button. You can enter data over many sessions. You just save the workbook at the end of a session and open it up whenever you are ready to continue at the start of the next session. You can enter data as you receive it.



















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