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How do I file the completed reurns with IRD?
The software packages produce paper-based return details. These printed details are then fastened inside an ordinary tax retun and sent to IRD.

Can I use the program to complete my family's tax returns?
Yes, the template has unrestricted use within the purchaser's family. For wider use the Agent's packages are available. These are designed for use by accountants and licensed tax agents and have unrestricted use.

Does XcelTax allow for the filing of returns for rental properties?
Yes, the package contains a module that enables you to file returns for any number of rental properties. And of course depreciation is calculated automatically.

Can I update my 2018 edition of XcelTax so that I can use it for the 2019 tax year?
No, as with all tax software products, XcelTax requires that you purchase a new edition each year. Every year there are significant changes in the tax laws, forms, and filing regulations that necessitate a new program be created. In addition, we do our best to improve XcelTax and simplify the tax preparation process every year. XcelTax's low price minimizes the burden of purchasing a new product each year.

If I am self employed do I have to send the IRD a complete set of accounts?
No, simply click on the IR 10 form in XcelTax and enter your data. Using the IR 10 speeds up the processing of your return. However, you still need to keep financial records in case the IRD asks for them.

Does the XcelTax software have the approval of the Inland Revenue Department?
Yes, XcelTax is fully certified for filing your tax return and its attachments with the IRD


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