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XcelTax is an Excel Spreadsheet program for the preparation of N.Z.taxation returns. XcelTax has been a recognized name in New Zealnd tax return software for over 15 years. XcelTax is used extensivly by both tax agents and accountants and is also a great aid for individuals who want to do their own returns.

XcelTax software is simple to use and speeds every part of the tax preparation process; from navigation to data entry to printing. And because it works from the information on the tax forms, it is intuitive enough to advise users which sections of the tax return form need to be completed and which do not.

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Contact: Lawrence Mancer,

Post: 29 Kath Hopper Dr. Orewa

E-mail: lmancer@xceltax.co.nz


The 2018 version of XcelTax is now available

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All XcelTax modules comprising: the IR3, IR3NR, IR4, IR6, IR7, IR9, IR10 and IR833 are IRD certified.

Recommended platform requirements: PC running Windows 2000 or higher and Microsoft Excel 98SE or higher.













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